How to Avoid Common Mistakes While Building Online Stores

Building your business online store is not an easy task; it may pose grave challenges that if not checked can adversely affect the resulting website. Many entrepreneurs make mistakes that are avoidable when creating their e-commerce platform. We take you through the factors that online entrepreneurs should consider when building an e-commerce platform. You can create a store with Shopify if you are not sure of how to do it yourself! and follow these tips to make sure you’re on the right track!

  • Not providing Comprehensive Product Information

Online buyers do not have the benefits associated with a brick and mortar store such as the ability to pick and inspect and read the information on the product. Therefore, an online store should provide all the relevant information about a product such as the size, weight, materials, and dimensions. If you do not avail all the necessary information to enable the customer to make informed buying information, the client will move on to find the product elsewhere.

  • Not Providing contact information

Though customers understand that the business is online, they would like to know that there are real people behind the online business. They need assurance that if anything goes wrong, there are individuals who can be contacted to fix the problem. It is thus important to use an online store builder that allows you to display your contact information on your website. Many online stores have contact information on all the pages. You can have an email address, contact form, phone number and mailing address. The more contact details that you provide, the more people will trust your business.

  • Not using a site search feature on your website

It is a fact that many people are resulting in purchasing online because of the convenience that online stores provide. Therefore, online buyers want to get the item that they are looking for fast lest they proceed to the next online store. The best way to help your visitors to get what they want with ease is to create an online store that incorporates a site search feature. With the search feature, your visitors can directly search and be directed to the item or information that they need. The site search feature should be readily accessible on your site, and it should allow users to search by keyword.

  • A poor customer service will ruin your business online
  • Customer Service is becoming a competitive edge for online stores. Buyers will always come back to your site if they had a top notch customer experience. Therefore, you need to have as many customer service channels as possible. To start with, you need to have a contact form where customers can contact you with a brief description of the challenges that they may be facing. The client service personnel should be able to respond to the queries in the contact form as soon as possible. An email contact is another important customer service channel. For an online store, the chat facility is liked by many for the quick response and real time assistance. A comprehensive FAQ can also be helpful to your visitors.

  • Poor shopping cart design

The purpose of having a shopping cart is to lead your customers to check out. Therefore, the shopping cart that you employ for your website can determine whether your customers will proceed to check out or not. An excellent shopping cart design is one that promotes selling products online and includes product summary, multiple paying options, promo code field, final pricing, shipping methods, privacy and return policy as well as complimentary products. Another important feature is the ‘continue shopping’ or ‘proceed to check out’ link. It is also an excellent idea to highlight the checkout button in color and also make sure to use a famous check out inscription such as ‘checkout,’ ‘proceed to checkout,’ ‘proceed with your order,’  go to checkout,’ or check out now.